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As a leader in designing and manufacturing of power controls. There are many opinions to consider during the economic slow-down caused by the global pandemic of COVID-19. This economic slow down is a challenge for every production management team during the global crisis. Some address it with staffing cut, cutting batch sizes or stop production as the most economical solution. After several months of painstaking work, we are ready to share our experience on how not to stop and continue working during this challenging times.

TRIOL v. 2020

Today at Triol we manufacture variable speed drives (VSD’s) subassemblies from 50A to 1400A. Since the enclosure is customized by market and environment with our partners we wait to do the final assembly when ordered. Therefore, focusing on the production of the subassemblies ensuring the highest quality and reliability. During the production of semi-finished products, special attention is paid to testing methods and testing equipment for calibration and accuracy for checking all parts and assemblies. Triol’s No 1 goal is to ensure the highest quality for improved reliability from component assembly to final assembly that provides our customer with 100% confidence in our products.


At Triol we are constantly developing and striving forward to successfully overcome challenges and improving test simulations that improve the reliability of our products. From the development of innovative test programs, methodology, power units and coil products every subassembly passes a factory acceptance test at every stage of the manufacturing process. For example, every power unit with IGBT’s are fully load tested prior to assembly to ensure the full operational capability of each unit. Coiled products are manufactured with materials that are in 100% compliance of our engineering specification and insulation resistance when immersed in water to a depth of 1 meter. Heat exchangers are subjected to repeated tightness testing in a vacuum condition with a dust chamber and pressurized water. After all the components are fulled tested and qualified, we assemble a complete product and carry out long-term stress tests. Once successfully testing is completed the product quality control process. The components are packed in a sealed container and are prepared for shipment to the customer.

This is just a small part of our manufacturing and quality solutions the are sharing for now! Follow our news, there is still a lot of interesting things to come!

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