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We (Triol Corporation) are always focused on 100% quality while manufacturing our products.

The company’s birthday brings a lot of memories, and, it’s time to summarize our achievements in the field of quality.

In 2019-2020 season the reliability growth for all products were increased by 5-15%. This increase was achieved with the help of brand new stands implementation: a unique heat chamber, a UV exposure chamber, a 24-pulse transformer, a dust chamber and test methods: DC-link ripple, control of the heat distribution of the finished products’ components and units, tests for supply voltage sags and IP6X enclosure, and more.

It was and still is difficult, but we’re sure, the result will be sweeter and high-demanding.

A new stage in the development of the company quality system is not simply to guarantee compliance with market requirements but to bring them to a new level that exceeds current standards. One of the most important quality criteria is premium HMI (human machine interface).

That is why I would like to start by highlighting a new method of artificial aging of the LCD module and touchscreens, with which the Customer makes the most tactile and visual contact.

The methodology and equipment, by the way, of the author’s development of the quality control service, which allows you to identify the problem for 2-3 years of operation in the equipment (color fading, delamination, cracks) which Triol determines already at 1st and 2nd months of our laboratory tests.

The essence of the problem - ultraviolet radiation, along with temperature and humidity, it has a significant effect on industrial products, especially polymers and manifests itself through the aging factor. This test attracts more and more attention every day since it allows us to determine not only technical features but also consumer values.

We simulated the maximum exposure conditions based on the accelerated operating conditions - UV-temperature-humidity.

The essence of the new technique is to create a radiation spectrum that provides accelerated testing (aging) without deliberate damage. We chose UV LEDs with a wavelength of 360-370nm as the UV light source.

Test duration: not less than 1,448 hours. (2 months)

Test Cycles:

8 hours (irradiation and elevated temperature + 55 ° С , application of an open container with water 2.5-3 hours);

4 hours (without irradiation and reduced temperature + 20 ° C).

The inclination angle to the light source is relative to the horizon 45 °

Supply voltage: + 24V.

For full-scale tests (the location of samples under the natural influence of the sun)

Duration of the first step: 4 464 hours (6 months.)

Sample No. 1 - exposed to direct sunlight

Sample No. 2 - shaded from exposure to sunlight

The angle of inclination of sample No. 1 is 45 ° to horizon; sample No. 2 is located in parallel to the horizon line.

No voltage applied to the samples.

And this is how we guarantee the installation of only high-quality components.

To be continued... 😉

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