Increased productivity of three crane trolley drives and one conveyor drive with implementing Triol VFDs for the Falcon project
26 / 05 / 2022 1043 Views
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Joint work between Triol and Falcon Electronic d.o.o. began with a discussion of collaborative projects in 2020. Company "FALCON ELECTRONIC d.o.o." well-known as a reliable partner was founded on 1994 in Slavonski Brod,, based on 10 years of experience in servicing electronic industrial equipment, mainly CNC and PLC systems, as well as AC and DC regulators on machine tools in "Djuro Djaković".

Triol is a manufacturer and supplier of power electronics and software with 27 years of experience, well known for its development team and strong technical engineers who are skilled in modeling and visualizing ideas and can then bring your idea to life. Triol engineers were tasked with the selection of equipment after describing the technical tasks that it must perform. And the selection began on the basis of the functions that are needed for cranes and conveyors.

Thanks to the specialized functions in the Triol AT24 VFD UC line systems were implemented for crane and conveyors systems to increase the productivity of existing equipment, the extension of equipment life, and reducing maintenance costs.

After setting the target, Triol engineers decided to use a frequency drive with kinetic buffering mode. This mode in the Triol AT24 variable frequency drives ensures stable operation of the VFD in case of deep and unbalanced supply voltage sags, and even at its complete loss.

In the kinetic buffering mode, the variable frequency drive operability is maintained by consuming a part of the kinetic energy of the rotating mechanism, followed by instantaneous restoration of the set operating mode of the mechanism when the power supply is restored. The three VFDs operate in crane trolley drives in scalar mode by fixed speed settings via digital inputs.

Another VFD operates in conveyor drive-by analog potentiometer setting since 10/10/2021 All VFD has been set up by Falcon on its own due to the availability of the assistant Triol AT24 Wi-Fi wizard. Also, Wi-fi wizard provided the ability to configure the VFD without using the control panel and manual data readout.

The customers were satisfied with the operation of the drives and their functions installed on the rotators, belt conveyor, and single girder crane. At the moment there are still projects in discussion to modernize the next crane.

Falcon as well as Triol has great potential and the trust of customers has already proven over time, so we hope that there are many interesting technical projects ahead and the path to their implementation starts today!