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MyTriol: A comfortable, reliable and promising transfer system from the typical format of “manager - phone - mail - price list - customer” to the format of online sales through a personal customer account.

Our business philosophy is to create individual contract terms with each customer as well as to create exclusive 24/7 technical support. We believe this approach to customer relationships is essential for profitable long-term relationships.

In each customer’s customer account we provide access to our purchasing and logistics specialists. Customers have direct access to data regarding the availability of products and spare parts in stock. One can order with personalized terms of delivery and payment and can proceed using the automated exchange of commercial documents.

Each customer’s personal account is designed as a MyTriol system, and it provides the following range of capabilities to the customer’s specialists:

  • Access to products and spare parts online catalogs and stock availability;
  • The ability to choose payment and delivery terms, personalized prices and discount terms;
  • The capability to purchase free product samples by filling out a small form;
  • The option to select required products through a smart filter, as well as comparisons of selected products;
  • Electronic document exchange, which allows one to receive commercial proposals and download and sign the PO and terms of delivery without leaving the personal account on the portal;
  • The ability to contact a personal manager through a personal account; the customer can write, call, or request an online conference;
  • The functionality of creating individual access settings for each user (which will be updated very soon) if the purchasing company has several representatives who use the private account.

MyTriol reduces order processing times by automatically accepting and processing orders by providing our customers with direct online access to built-in website options in a personal account: products in the catalog and cart, order tracking, documentation for download, and personalized price lists.

MyTriol: Registration To access a personal account, the customer can register by filling in personal information and specifying the details of the company. Then the account will be verified, and they will gain access to ordering products and technical documentation.

After registration the user has the opportunity to attach the necessary documents to the application: the founding documents, the contract terms and the PO.

MyTriol: Free Samples The MyTriol platform makes it easy to get free samples in just two clicks! The user can order a free sample of our products for preliminary testing. The customer can simply describe the project they want a sample for, and then we will verify the project, select the sample and send it to the customer.

MyTriol: Online shopping cart Once the product is added to the cart, the buyer can choose the most suitable delivery terms, the payment term and type, and prepayment percentage. They can download their own delivery terms, leave a comment for the manager, and clarify any other details. And the order can be picked up within a day directly from the warehouse!

MyTriol: Orders The Orders section in the personal B2B account allows the customer to track their orders in real-time.

The section displays:

  • Order statuses;
  • Planned date of receipt of the order;
  • Detailed information about the order; and
  • Order documentation, which can be downloaded and uploaded.

MyTriol: Personal account on any device Access to the personal office is provided not only through the browser on a PC, but also on any device convenient for the customer. MyTriol offers ongoing access to all features from anywhere in the world. Orders can be placed online and twenty-four hours a day. Online chats provide a complete level of communication with our technical and sales specialists.

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