Optimization of Triol EP01 Commissioning
26 / 05 / 2020 2183 Views
  • Innovation

Triol equipment is a complex of high-tech solutions that need to be operated by qualified personnel.

Getting the feedback from our Customers, we realized that sometimes, it gets difficult to commission our innovative solution – Triol Linear ESP EP01.

Why? To successfully launch the product, it is necessary to enter a list of specific parameters such as downstroke frequency, voltage attenuation coefficient, etc.

We’re constantly working on advancing and speeding up the commissioning process. Triol specially designed UMKA07 controller simplifies and makes the commissioning more convenient and quick.

So now, in order to set up and launch EP01 it is necessary to enter parameters that are always close at hand, such as the pump depth, reservoir fluid temperature, the permissible pressure at the pump intake, and the parameters of the transformer. Then, after you set up the general parameters, controller’s algorithms automatically configure the rest of the parameters needed. The ergonomics of Triol Linear ESP EP01 system is increased due to the innovative control algorithms.

As a result, the launching of Triol Linear ESP EP01 takes 2 minutes!

That how we care about our Customers and their time!

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