Guaranteed and quick start of the Triol AT27 variable frequency drive: Triol Wizard magic
02 / 12 / 2020 972 Views
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As we mentioned earlier (read the article on the 14 advantages of Triol AT27 here)Triol AT27 allows our users to carry out a step-by-step start of the VFD in just 10 minutes, in 20 steps.

The amount of time it takes to commission the equipment depends on the simplicity and unambiguity of the signals that the equipment provides at startup. Many manufacturers take the path of providing all the information needed to trigger in the form of visual cues on the product and information messages on the product controller.

Triol products, in addition to the above-mentioned traditional approach, offer the user another approach – interactive automation of the commissioning procedure for variable frequency drives. This approach assumes that the user operates only with information known to him and is freed as much as possible from the need to enter inaccessible data, make complex calculations and measurements, and remember the commissioning procedure itself. This approach is implemented in the Triol Wizard and it allows you to minimize commissioning time and eliminate startup errors.

The second radical difference is in the procedure of communication between the user and Triol AT27. Other manufacturers have remote configuration products that connect a laptop to the VFD with an ethernet cable. There are also special mobile applications that need to be downloaded and installed on your mobile phone. Triol AT27 doesn’t require all this. You can connect to Triol AT27 from any of your devices, you only need Wi-Fi and an internet browser on your mobile, tablet, or laptop (internet access is not required). And no wires or restrictions on movement!

Let us consider sequentially the quick start stages for the Triol AT27 variable frequency drive.

Step 1- AT27 connection via Wi-Fi.

To start configuring the AT27 using the Triol Wizard, you need to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot. To do this, you just need to enter the settings according to the instructions that are placed directly on the door of the control cabinet of the AT27 VFD.

Step 2- Setting interface language.

For the convenience of users, multiple languages are provided: Russian, English and Spanish in the basic version, other languages at the request of the customer. We have also provided the option to change the background color: light or dark theme. Choose the option that is more convenient for you to work with.

Step 3. Set date, time, and time zone in one click by synchronizing with your mobile device. Now you can proceed to setting up the VFD.

Note that the Triol Wizard takes into account the peculiarities of commissioning medium-voltage drives, which can take several days. You can perform some of the checks, then pause the operation and continue at a convenient time from the same place.

The navigation system in the Triol Wizard allows you to quickly return to all previously completed setup steps if necessary. The hint system also provides an opportunity to understand all situations and parameters.

Step 4. An important point is testing the functionality of the "Emergency Stop" button. You must be sure that, in case of unforeseen situations, this button will not let you down!

We carry out various tests after a complete production cycle. But we also undertake to carry out this test additionally during the commissioning of the product. The Triol Wizard will describe in detail the process of verifying the functionality of the Emergency Stop button. The screen will display the results of the test:

In step 5, the Triol Wizard will self-test the I / O and I / O Expansion Units.

In step 6, the function of the door limit switches of the VFD is checked for the safety of the operating personnel. Check and adjust all limit switches to ensure safe operation of the VFD.

In step 7, the charge of the AT27 power cells is checked before the high voltage is applied. Pre-charge allows you to diagnose the condition of power cells before high voltage is applied. Let's take a closer look at this feature in the next article about AT27. This check is fully automatic with the Triol Wizard.

Step 8 is aimed at checking the vacuum circuit breaker control signals from the switchgear. At this stage, the vacuum circuit breaker is switched on and off (in the test position) with checking of the vacuum circuit breaker state signals - NO and NC.

Step 9. Formation test of PWM without high voltage. This is a complete test of the power cells operation in output voltage generation mode. If it is successful you can continue to start the variable frequency drive with high voltage.

Step 10 of the Triol Wizard start the test of VFD AT27 with high voltage and without motor.

Step 11. Discrete control and alarm signals testing, setting the analog input of frequency reference (if used) and the analog output of displaying the VFD’s current output. As a result, the VFD is completely ready to start with the motor!

Step 12. Operating with the motor without load:

  • input of motor parameters
  • setting the acceleration and deceleration times
  • setting the V / f characteristics
  • motor settings (current cutoff, overcurrent protection, overload, underload, permissible current unbalance, operating frequency range).

Step 13. Fully automatic AT27 test with high voltage, motor and load. Prior to that, a full range of settings and checks were performed, which guarantees a high safety.

Step 14. Setting up technological functions – autoreclosing (whether it is necessary, how many times and after what time), catch on fly (needed or not), skipping resonant frequencies (setting 3 ranges, if necessary).

Final step 15. Control setting – remote or local, frequency setting, from ACS or manually. Upon completion of the configuration using the Triol Wizard, the user will see on their screen an electronic report with the result: a list of all passed checks and a conclusion about the readiness of the AT27 variable frequency drive for operation.

This concludes the complete error-free setup of the AT27 VFD!

As our developers say, Triol Wizard is an online teacher for technicians who were not previously familiar with Triol Corporation equipment. We strive to make the “first real acquaintance with our equipment” as simple, concise, and error-free as possible!

Let's summarize the above. What is Triol Wizard?

  1. It is affordable and convenient.
  2. It's fast and safe.
  3. It is unmistakable and guaranteed to be successful.

In other words, Triol Wizard is an irreplaceable assistant during commissioning, which takes this complex procedure to a completely new, magical level, making it accessible to a wide range of specialists.