Triol's patent device and technology!
24 / 04 / 2023 2775 Views
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Triol has developed an innovative device and method for reducing harmonic distortions that occur in the output of a variable frequency drive (VFD) used in electrical systems.

VFDs are commonly used to control the speed of motors in various industrial and commercial applications. However, the patented device and method cause harmonic distortions that lead to power quality issues, such as voltage fluctuations, the overloading of power equipment, and electromagnetic interference.

Triol’s device and method aims to suppress harmonic distortions by introducing a filter circuit that attenuates the harmonic frequencies produced by the VFD. The filter circuit is designed to be adjustable, allowing for precise tuning to the specific harmonic frequencies present in the system. The patented solution comprises a few different embodiments of the filter circuit, including a passive filter that uses inductors and capacitors to suppress harmonics. The patented method is performed for tuning the filter circuit, which involves measuring the harmonic frequencies present in the system and adjusting the filter parameters accordingly.

The patented Triol technology could be useful in reducing harmonic distortions and improving power quality in electrical systems that use VFDs. By reducing harmonic distortions, the technology could help to reduce the risk of equipment damage, improve energy efficiency, and reduce electromagnetic interference.

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