Revolutionizing Offshore Electrical Equipment: The Story of E-Cabinet.
20 / 04 / 2023 3900 Views
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To be the first at something always entails risk, and it’s often more difficult to lead the way, but sometimes it is necessary.

And of course, this brings risks, additional responsibility, and new opportunities.

We’ve come a long way from where we began and today, after a series of tests and examinations, we can say we did it!

Developers, draftsmen, engineers, manufacturers, and others have all contributed to the E-Cabinet solution to the problem of space on an offshore platform.

The idea of combining two step-down and step-up transformers with the VSD together with the cooling system on the second floor in one housing made it possible to achieve minimum space occupied by the equipment on the platform, which may be a real breakthrough in today's market.

In the meantime, the production market is showing growth in offshore oil production methods, and in the near future, this tendency will only improve toward growth.

Operation of electrical engineering equipment on offshore platforms has several specific features which should be taken into account by manufacturers of such equipment when designing and producing products This is the reason why it is so important to keep in mind the following: the design and production of electrical equipment for offshore platforms has a number of specific features.

This inevitably determines the usability, reliability, and durability of the operation.

E-Cabinet is ahead of the competition thanks to some innovative technical solutions, solving the problem of placing electrical equipment with a high level of heat generation in a sealed modular housing, with a special cooling system. The modular enclosure is protected against moisture and salty sea air.

TRIOL engineering solutions provide efficient cooling of power and low-current electronic components placed in a modular two-tiered sealed enclosure that meets NEMA4X/IP66 standards with free access for service personnel.

Today we want to show you the process of developing a new technological solution from the drawings and welding of the construction to the tests and shipment to the customer.

Figure 1 Сonstruction render

Photo 1 Welding of structural elements and technological control

After the product was manufactured and passed the quality control department inspection, we began testing the E-Cabinet.

The tests were carried out in several stages and all stages were attended by representatives of the customer and our technical experts, designers, and project managers as well as the director of production and the head of the workshop, because it was a very important stage.

Photo 2 Customer representatives and Triol representatives observe the testing process

As for the tests themselves, first, we carried out the setup and power load tests from the mains 480V.

After that, we tested two transformers, checked the insulation strength, and measured all the characteristics of the transformers to make sure that they correspond to the calculated ones.

Then we connected the power transformers to the variable frequency drive and placed them inside the E-Cabinet itself and started the load test of the product.

Photo 3 Testing and monitoring

When we reached the limit temperature of +45 C, it was fixed, and we started the load test.

The E-Cabinet successfully worked without stops and errors for 16 hours at maximum temperature, and all indicators were normal. The ventilation system and the unique cooling system coped with this perfectly.

Photo 4 Product after testing

We would like to pay attention to other important factors such as the interchangeability and maintainability of equipment on the offshore platform, because offshore repairs are much more difficult than on land, and the space for carrying out these projectsworks is limited.

After the tests and packaging the first E-Cabinet went to Mexico with the help of our longtime partner VSM Energy.

Another noteworthy feature we would like to mention is that the modularity of the E-Cabinet allows for convenient transportation and installation, as well as the ability to repair or replace components directly at the well, which is similar if they were different products.

Photo 5 Packing and shipment

There are always difficulties if you have a complex and heavy product to service. You can't take several of them to the sea. But the E-cabinet system is modular and in this case the repair by replacing the module will be many times easier to carry out.

Inquire about a complete Triol product - E-Cabinet, the product from one manufacturer of the frequency drive, transformers, and software, which ensure reliable and durable operation of the equipment. Commissioning and service support is also provided.

Be with the innovators and reap the advantages. Check out Triol equipment!