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16 / 03 / 2023 1745 Views
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Triol E-Cabinet is a specialized compact solution that combines in minimal dimensions a step-down phase-shift transformer (SDT), a frequency drive VSD , and an output step-up transformer (SUT).

The solution ensures reliable and durable operation of the equipment due to unique technical solutions (Fig. 1, 2).

Figure 1 - Exterior of the Triol E-Cabinet

Figure 2 - Basic elements of the Triol E-Cabinet

What can the E-cabinet offer operations on an offshore platform?

  • Minimum dimensions;
  • Minimum mounting time;
  • Operation in 100% humidity conditions;
  • A fire warning system;
  • Minimum commissioning times; and
  • Equipment monitoring for up to 6 hours in the absence of power supply.

The E-Cabinet offers a "two-floor" design, and it allows one to reduce the dimensions of the equipment.

For the E-Cabinet installation process, one needs only to install the first floor of the platform, and then one can install the second floor.

The transformers should be installed in the first floor of the building.The E-Cabinet complies with all fire safety requirements and warning standards, including in the event of an electric ARC or smoke inside the product.

The E-Cabinet is designed in such a way as to provide installation on platforms equipped with a crane with a lifting capacity of up to 5 tons (~11,000 lb). The control system, together with the software, provides the ability to remotely provide information about the current state of the product, including the state of the cooling system fans.

The design operates in stormy conditions with wind speeds up to 33 m/s (74 mph).

The distinctive E-Cabinet benefits include:

  1. Modular design. Due to the modularity of the design, the installation time of both the structure and the electrical system has been reduced. Also, the modularity of the design provides the minimum dimensions of the structure; the area is up to 6.5 m2 (70 ft2).

  2. IP66 enclosure. Seals allow operation in 100% humidity and salt fog conditions. The cabinet is made of AISI 316L stainless steel with subsequent painting.

  3. Wide output voltage range from 1.47 to 5 kV. Wide tap range, 16 positions.

  4. Input voltage 4.16 kV. Input voltage limit range -15% +10%.

  5. The operating frequency range is from 1.5 to 90 Hz, with pre-designed scenarios to reduce commissioning time.

  6. The E-Cabinet is equipped with a UPS and batteries, which allows for up to 6 hours of operation after the E-Cabinet is out of power. The safety systems of the product and data monitoring from the gauge will function.

  7. Uninterrupted operation in case of internal circuit fan failure is provided by not limiting the maximum temperature in the cabinet.

  8. Dehumidity system. Built-in heaters with thermostatic and humidity controller and switching power supply relay (powered by auxiliary winding inside the product/external power supply). One can connect an external power supply dehumidifying system.

  9. Light warning personnel that at least one input phase is connected to the E-Cabinet, to avoid high voltage shock.

  10. Fan monitoring to predict fan maintenance and replacement to minimize equipment downtime.

  11. The E-Cabinet is equipped with ARC sensors located in all power cells.

  12. The power cells of the E-Cabinet are equipped with smoke detectors to detect the occurrence of smoke.

  13. E-Cabinet transformers are equipped with temperature sensors and the sensors are located directly in the transformer windings, which gives the real temperature, and which in turn allows you to increase the life of the transformer and provide protection against overheating.

Also, the catalog includes design features, a structural single-line diagram, specification, symbol structures, nomenclatures and dimensions.

Figure 3 Dimensions

Catalog can be downloaded from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UNxtTTiP10wtin0PdVD8FuFct5hUDFJm/view?usp=sharing

If you have any questions about Triol’s equipment, please contact our representative: https://triolcorp.us/contacts