A special line of AT27 medium-voltage frequency drive products has been released for the U.S. market
13 / 05 / 2022 395 Views
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The main features of this line are:

  • Operating temperature range -5° C to 40° C (23° F to 104° F);
  • Enclosure type NEMA2 (IP42);
  • Color touchscreen 10 “;
  • Wi-Fi Wizard;
  • Induction, synchronous, and PMM ;
  • Output voltage and current sinusoidal;
  • High power factor ≥ 0.96;
  • Operate even with unstable mains voltage.

Also among the major characteristics:

◊ Automatically adjusts fan speed, depending on the temperature of the transformer and power cell, that increasing safety and convenience while reducing noise level.

◊ An integrated Wi-Fi module simplifies setup into a managed, step-by-step process for diagnostics and quick start-up.

◊ To simplify cleaning and maintenance and extend service life, filters can easily be removed during operation without impacting the safety of service personnel.

◊ The AT27 VFD ED model is a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of application.

◊ The efficient, compact design of enclosure makes it easier to set up and integrate in the field.

◊ Advanced design, high reliability, and minimal maintenance requirements make the AT27 VFD ED line a solution that adds a performance and value.

This line has active power range of 200 to 1600 kW The main changes are in size and design, which has expanded the range of applications due to the reduced size of the housings.

Triol AT27 ED Dimensions

Triol AT27 VFD ED line Design and Construction

The design is a multi-winding phase-shift transformer with connection to the supply power cells of the electric motor which is the primary drive unit.

The roof-mounted cooling fans can be removed for easy transportation. The unified design of VFD cabinets allows for on-site assembly and installation. And also the control system compartment has a reliable, versatile design.

Triol AT27 VFD ED line Cooling System

The AT27 VFD ED is equipped with a forced-air cooling system. The exhaust fans are mounted on the roof of the unit and the speed of the fans is software controlled and optimized according to the temperature of the phase shifting multi-winding transformer and the IGBT in the power element.

Another important feature is the air filter and its location. Air filters are installed in the cabinet doors to prevent dust accumulation and thus air contamination is removed before it enters the cabinet. The filters can be removed and replaced during operation without affecting the safety of the operating personnel.

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