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Triol Corporation is pleased to introduce its reliable partner in the Asia-Pacific region. This partner specializes in the production of submersible pumps for oil wells and is also an expert in the service and maintenance of oil submersible pumps.

Between Triol Corporation and PT. Epsindo Jaya Pratama concluded a partnership agreement in 2018 and launched a close and productive business relationship.

The first products supplied were the Triol AK06 VSDs with the configuration of NEMA 3R and NEMA 4 enclosure protection. The primary function was the efficient and reliable operation of submersible pumps in the oil wells. And Triol is proud that our partner is now a distributor of AK06 VSDs for Pertamina and PetroChina.

We are also very proud of the first implementation of a LESP (linear electrical submersible pump) for an end-user of our partner in 2021. After several testing, the water cut was decreased, and meant that setting up and operating the LESP Triol EP01 was made correctly. All technical details described in the article

The second type of product implemented by EJP was the Downhole Measuring Systems Triol TM01. This system is installed after the submersible motor, provides continuous monitoring of equipment status, allows timely decisions to optimize the performance indicators of the controlled equipment and prevents breakdown of the motor.

In addition, our technical service employee spent several weeks with the EJP staff helping to set up, commission, and operate the Triol EP01 unit. As part of this training, the EJP employees received comprehensive information and skills that will help them fully implement the second unit by themselves.

We are focused on further productive cooperation with EJP and hope for new and interesting challenges which we can successfully overcome.