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24 / 05 / 2022 565 Views
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Triol Corporation considers our partners as a strategic business unit and also as our friends. Our philosophy is to assist with various levels of project complexity, develop essential solutions with our partners to their customers, and solve the specific production challenges in the best possible way.

The partnership agreement with VMS Energy was signed in October 2019. Our agreement was a key milestone for Triol Corporation and signified the beginning of a long and prosperous partnership in the Mexican region.

VMS Energy's professional activity is to supply engineering solutions in integrated control systems oriented to power generation applications, such as electric motors, steam turbines, gas turbines, hydroelectric power plants, and others.

We develop partnerships through cooperative implementations with VMS Energy customers, such as the AT27 MV Line VFD implementation at the Pemex Oil Company facilities. This implementation solved the following challenges:

  • decrease energy costs;
  • outdoor implementation;
  • controlling pumps operation which replaces oil with water;
  • maintenance and stuff learning.

We also have many plans to develop our cooperation, such as the training of VMS Energy employees by Triol Corporation specialists, which will help them perform commissioning and maintenance activities better and faster in the future.

Online webinars help our partner represent Triol’s equipment and show new equipment features which can solve a lot of customers' challenges in different types of production. During webinars partners and customers could discuss all interesting issues with VMS and Triol specialists.

In addition, one of the priority areas is the exchange of experiences as part of business trips. During business meetings, specialists discuss further strategy as well as plans and details on the strategic promotion of new products in the region.

Triol Corporation is honored to have VMS Energy as one of its key partners in the Mexican region.