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Being a full production cycle manufacturer, Triol produces dry power transformers and it’s time to highlight a little history of our transformers and the stages we went through.

2014 is the first time we consider the need efficiency for developing transformers of our own production. The main reasons at that time were the reduction of the delivery time and cost, while we can affect the quality and some design features: convenient placement of connection terminals, guaranteed frame sizes, etc.

2015 is the year when the first transformer TRDS-320 was developed; the technology was developed; the impregnation and drying section of windings was modernized; and, as a result, the first prototype was manufactured. The transformer passed all tests at the first try and, according to the results, completely corresponded to the declared parameters. We chose the heart based on unicore technology, which made it possible to dispense with the unique equipment for assembling each core size. Later that year, we produced more 1600 kVA and 630 kVA transformers.

2016 there was a need to produce 6-8 transformers in-line. per month. So, the next step was a transformer workshop assembly, where we installed 4 winding machines and advanced our welding equipment. To increase manufacturability, we implemented a sectional winding of coils technology. The next challenge was switching to large 5600 kVA capacities. We developed and patented the technology of manufacturing a dual-core that allows us to manufacture transformers up to 10 mVA. Finally, we completely stopped purchasing transformers, simply due to the low quality compared to our solution.

In 2017, to meet the requirements of the marine register we developed a transformer core impregnation technology. The manufactured transformer 1000 kVA with an impregnated core as part of the product successfully passed certification for compliance with the requirements of the marine register.

In 2018, we developed an effective ventilation channel and implemented for all transformers, due to which it was possible to reduce the number of fans needed for cooling thus minimizing Customer costs. At the same time, we established serial production of transformers 4000 kVA up to 8 units per month.

In 2019, the technology of manufacturing transformers with aluminum windings was implemented.

There were 400 kVA transformer and several 2000 kVA transformers released. Also, we manufactured the largest transformer at the moment 6300 kVA, moreover, our 6300 with a lower weight requires 2 times less ventilation than the purchased analog used earlier.

Of course, we did not invent the first transformer in the world, but we went from idea to in-line production in 2 years, made several improvements to the product that hundreds of companies have been developing and modernizing for nearly 100 years, and we are still working on improving the technology. Let’s see what happens in 5 years, what other achievements we can reach.

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