Triol AT27 VFD Vacuum Switch
02 / 04 / 2020 2153 Views
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Multilevel frequency drives conquered the industrial market a long time ago. With all the modern trends, Triol sees the need to develop something special and convenient for you to implement to advance your business from the first minutes of commissioning.

Therefore, Triol multilevel drives AT27 are a reliable and convenient solution that covers a large power range and has extensive motor control functionality for pumps, fans, compressors, smoke exhausters, mills, conveyors, extruders use. In addition, Triol bypass does not interact with the vacuum chamber directly and consume standby power.

As you may know, the implementation of vacuum chambers in various switching systems is the most common phenomenon that found its wide application in electrical engineering.

The design of such a product is based on the closed placement of contacts in a vacuum chamber, while one of the two contacts is movable and is driven by an external drive to close the circuit. Consequently, it is easy to obtain a high switching level since the response speed of the vacuum chamber is time-optimal.

Triol power cell protection is a specially designed monoblock unit with space for installing a switching link with a vacuum interrupter windup, as well as the electric drive power supply storage elements and the switching link unit. Moreover, the control unit is furnished with communication interfaces with the switching link, as well as the drive power cells and control system electronic components.

To top it off, the monoblock design is made with the possibility of fastening power cells to the housing and contains the contact terminals, as well as a key for switching link windup.

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