Triol Harmonic filter catalog
27 / 02 / 2023 1747 Views
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Triol Harmonic Filter (THF) is a complex of unique advanced technologies that creates maximum benefit and reduces distortion of the power line to a minimum.

If the harmonic distortion process is not controlled it can negatively affect the performance and functionality of generators, transformers, and other equipment.

Triol invented a freestanding passive THF filter to solve the problem of discrepancies in harmonic distortions - A passive filter in a separate enclosure.

The filter is made in compliance with the requirements of IEEE 519 standards and provides THDi ≤ 5% in the load range from 25% to 100%.

The NEMA3R enclosure with convection air-cooled and polypropylene capacitors have high reliability for operation.

The harmonic filter works with VSDs or VFDs with 6 or 12 pulse rectifiers and it has a built-in power analyzer.

Triol THF characteristics:

  • Operating temperature range: -20 °С ... + 45 °С (-4°F...+113°F) -40 °С ... + 55 °С (-40°F...+131°F)
  • NEMA3R enclosure;
  • THDi monitoring;
  • Onshore application;
  • Nominal frequency deviation +/- 1 Hz;
  • Nominal voltage unbalance ≤ 2%; THD: ≤ 5% with load 70 ... 100% ≤ 5% with load 25 ... 100%
  • Compliance IEEE 519;
  • UL listed.

In this catalog you can find the following: general specifications, schematic diagrams, basic configurations, and options, also information about interface and communication can be found.

You can find the catalog here: