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Mass digitalization has become the main driving force behind the global economy. A wide range of electronic services covers areas that no one could even think about a couple of years ago.

Count and mark every single hole on the road with millimeter precision - certainly! Make a purchase without leaving your home - no problems! Use someone else's car (legally) - two clicks and everything is done!

But there is one problem, all these and many other conveniences require person to leave a “digital footprint” in the global network. Which entails the risk of losing personal data, passwords from numerous accounts, and with them - banking particulars. All this data can fall into the hands of the wrong people.

In response to this hallenge, Triol Corporation has created an innovative product - TEASIER. Which provides direct protection of the user's personal data on any electronic device (a smartphone, a laptop or a personal computer).

The origin of the product created in Triol is confirmed by the expertise of state bodies in the field of intellectual property protection in the USA, Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The patented algorithms and proprietary source code created by the engineers of the Triol Corporation provide a unique set of functions unparalleled among software applications on the market.

The main advantages of TEASIER, which will certainly be useful to users are the following:

● usage of biometric user authorization based on the usage of trained neural networks or in other words, Artificial Intelligence (AI);

● replacement of passwords from accounts on the Internet with biometric features of the user's appearance. You no longer need to save passwords in the browser or write down on a piece of paper, everything is stored directly on the user's device;

● restricting access to applications on smartphones and other devices;

● possibility of simultaneous using the device camera by several applications at once. TESLA recently thought about this: “It would be nice to use car cameras for video conferencing without limiting other functions ..”. Yes, TEASIER already knows how.

Despite the substantial list of functions today, continued development on the product does not stop. Triol engineers are constantly working to ensure that by installing the TEASIER application on their smartphone, the user will receive a constantly improving product. Which will eventually become the user’s personal assistant. Ensuring the safety and convenience of working with data in the digital world.