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Operation on offshore platforms is very responsiblešŸ¤“ deal due to high debit of oil and limited access of staff, that's why Triol is using own patented technology of power cells protection device "HopCod" to prevent any failures during the operating. Usually, such applications like ESPs and HPS are operated by VFDs on the platforms. Of course, for working on offshore, Triol is going to present all obligatory certifications on the equipment, including IP66/NEMA4X enclosure. On the market of Latin America, there is a great demand on such drives in countries like Mexico, Brazil, Guyana with great amount of offshore fields. We hope that in the nearest future Triol's AT27 will be perfectly working among all these markets. We will keep you informed regarding the process of manufacturing and commissioning of those high-quality medium voltage drives!šŸ‘

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