Triol Robot Foot Damping
06 / 04 / 2020 2048 Views
  • New developments

Robotics conquered the world with the speed of light and we cannot deny its growth and importance for the modern world.

Triol Robot has been a feather in our cap for years. Our recent solution is related to the control of the robot’s foot spatial position and its safety.

Designing such a solution, we are aimed at increasing the robot’s reliability by creating a damping system for his footstep.

What is damping and how does it work? Robot’s foot damping system contains two non-collector DC motors with permanent magnets that operate to provide the motion, a system of slave regulation of the robot’s foot rotation angle, including a module error calculation for PI regulators and many other factors.

The damping system contains two adders, one of which is set to transmit the difference of current load values in the diametrical direction. In addition, there’s a non-collector permanent magnet motor that is configured to transmit half the value of the current load.

Implementing such a solution ensures a trouble-free current value, reduces system oscillation, provides a robot’s foot damping which leads to increased reliability of the system.

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