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A special place in the production process is occupied by the so-called "transport" testing of products. When conducting vibration tests in the designs of products developed for serial production, weak points are revealed that could only appear during transportation. The customer's facilities can be located in the tundra, in the steppe or even in the mountains. Often these are not even roads, but directions that is off-road.

Vibration, shock and rocking are all that the product is exposed to during transport. Because of this, the fastening elements of the busbars and terminals can loosen. Panels carrying a number of DC link capacitors can break. Despite the automated strength calculations of the structure and elements, the best check is test it.

A special stand has been developed to simulate transportation. The transport test simulator allows you to test the AK06 control stations or AT24 frequency units in the frequency range and at an amplitude that ideally matches the swaying of the load during transportation in the back of a truck. After such a test, each electrical connection, connector and structure as a whole is carefully inspected. Then the product goes through a full test cycle. This is because not all damage can be detected during inspection! We will highlight this in our about next articles. By the way, the stand is controlled by our Triol AT24 frequency drives!

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