The implementation of Triol frequency drives for soft-starting the Horizontal Pumping Systems in Indonesia
15 / 05 / 2023 2780 Views
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We would like to share a photo and information about our recent implementation of the Triol frequency drives in Indonesia.

The two VFDs were commissioned on the customer’s site and set to the nominal operating mode, with the help of a Triol engineer.

The AT27 Line DD VFDs were implemented as a replacement for a direct-start drive with a smooth-running variable frequency drive.

In this case, the VFDs were used for horizontal pumping systems for Upstream oil production.

The AT27 of the DD line saves up to 25-30% floor space compared to competitors in the same inverter class. For more information, see the article:

By the way, when you order Triol equipment you also get it commissioned by our engineer.

This service depends on the amount of equipment and the delivery conditions. You can estimate the costs of a specific project from our Business Development Manager today: