Triol AT27 ED has the smallest dimensions in the world among variable frequency drives of its class!
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As we mentioned earlier (read the article on the 14 advantages of Triol AT27 here) Triol AT27 ED has the smallest dimensions in the world among variable frequency drives of its class! This is the result of dedicated work to maximize the profits of our partners and their customers.

Medium voltage variable frequency drives (hereinafter referred to as VFDs) can be based on various topologies:

  • VFDs with multi-level inverter,
  • VFDs with current source inverter,
  • VFDs with three- or five-level voltage source inverter with input transformer or transformerless input,
  • VFDs with step-down and step-up transformers, etc.

Each of the options has its place, but we are supporters of VFDs based on the topology of a multi-level variable frequency drives. Therefore, we will compare like with like among the global manufacturers of medium voltage variable frequency drives, more precisely, VFDs based on the topology of a multi-level voltage source inverter.

Every 10cm matters and can affect the cost and timing of developing and implementing a project. Our customers are often faced with the fact that the required equipment doesn`t fit into the available space. This can lead the whole project to break down. Alternatively, the implementation of the project may be delayed, and its cost will rise if it is necessary to erect new buildings to house the equipment.

The AT27 ED line variable frequency drives save not a few tens of centimeters but on average 25-30% of the area occupied by the VFD! These are new investment opportunities and open doors to more projects. More on that in a bit.

VFD AT27 ED line 6kV and 6.6kV

Dimensions for Triol 6kV and 6.6kV VFDs are the same. For the majority of VFDs this is the case, but not for all. For comparison, we took data from competitive models for 6kV/6.6 kV, or only 6kV if the manufacturer does not have 6.6kV models. Below we have presented the data in the form of a comparative diagram, which allows you to quickly compare the occupied areas for the most popular VFD models in this brand.

The graph form of the same data for the comparison of specific values will look like:

As you can see from the diagram, the total occupied area of AT27 6kV and 6.6kV drives is already the best in their class. But the area required to use the product is not everything.

First and foremost, the minimum area/power ratio can be achieved in different ways. For example, medium voltage VFD manufacturers minimize the size but sacrifice the convenience of one-way maintenance. And this is a significant drawback. Taking into account the preservation of one-way service all ED line AT27 products are designed in the smallest possible dimensions. Well-matched compactness allows the replacement or repair of any VFD unit from the front side.

In the next place, the variable frequency drive has a cooling system. This also affects both the size of the inverter and the dimensions of the room. Such "well-matched" VFDs power tens of kilowatts of heat into the surrounding space, which must be removed from the VFD or from the room to avoid overheating. The cooling system in AT27 allows the VFD to be placed directly "under the wall", without an additional corridor which is often necessary for both air exchange and safe maintenance. This is an additional benefit since such corridors “use up” at least 1m along with the entire VFD.

All in all, the final picture with the dimensions of the drives looks like:

As you can see, the gap became even more significant and reached on average 25-30 % for the series as a whole.

Additionally, we have minimized the width of the VFDs. It is precisely by this criterion that medium voltage VFDs often do not fit into the specified requirements.

As you can see, Triol AT27 compares favorably with other VFDs.

From the point of view of the logistics of required floors and foundations, as well as the cost of disposal of containers, another important indicator is the weight of the product. Such an important parameter of the VFD as mass can be estimated in the following graph:

10kV VFD AT27 ED line

Continue and follow the same steps to compare VFDs with a rated output voltage of 10kV. The dependence of the occupied area of 10kV VFDs on their power will look like:

The graph form of the same data for the comparison of specific values will look like:

Let's again compare the areas, taking into account the service corridors, now for the 10kV series models:

Additionally, if we estimate the width of the 10kV VFD line ED, they will look like:

Weights of Triol AT27 models, depending on power in comparison with competitors:

As you can see, Triol solutions on average save 25-30% of the area of the existing premises of the VFD’s installation, and accordingly the same amount of building materials and labor costs in newly built premises.

So, for example, during the construction of new premises for the installation of a 2500kW 6kV VFD of one-side maintenance, AT27 will save the buyer about 3 square meters of premises just on the area occupied by the VFD.

In addition, you can often place Triol AT27 where other variable frequency drives simply do not fit. And above all, this applies to such an important indicator as the width of the product.

Finally, another important Triol AT27 advantage is its lightness; it often leads to additional savings on transportation, movement, overlap costs, as well as the cost of packaging disposal, which is important for such large products.

This advantage allows our partners to offer their customers a unique solution, without additional costs, including the costs of both a separate room and new communications (power and signal cables). This allows the customer to solve problems without additional investment and complications. As a result, this leads to mutual benefit for all, as well as the wider application of medium voltage VFDs in industry and utilities.

This clarifies the dimensions of the AT27 ED line of 6kV, 6.6kV, and 10kV models. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments, call, or email. We will be glad to answer any of your questions. We will devote separate articles to particularly interesting questions. Become our regular readers, we love to communicate directly with you!

The dimensions of the ED line 3kV, 4kV, and 11kV will be considered shortly. We will also describe the dimensions of DD, MV, RX lines, having dedicated separate articles to each line.

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