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When Triol Corporation was founded 27 years ago, its primary objective was to move the needle in the power electronics field by providing R&D, project implementation, and manufacturing services. Over the years, the company has grown exponentially by diversifying its offerings and spreading wings across different industry verticals, such as Oil and Gas Artificial Lift, Industrial Sector, Elevators, Conveyors, and others.

Today, Triol is recognized as an international manufacturer of highly efficient medium voltage drives (VFDs), low voltage industrial drive, oil and gas production variable speed drive, downhole measuring system, and linear electrical submersible pump.

“Our focus on R&D has enabled us to deliver high-quality products at best prices and quickly customize those according to client requirements” mentions Dmitry Khachaturov, CEO, Triol Corporation. One of the most popular products in Triol’s product series is AT27 VFD, a medium voltage drive. With an excellent footprint/power rating ratio (about 30 percent lower than the most medium voltage frequency drives).It can be placed under the wall without additional space for maintenance and cooling. “The single-end service allows clients to save up to 25-30 percent of the traditional VFD installation space, building materials, and labor costs in newly built areas,” says Khachaturov. “This enables our partners to offer customers an innovative solution without any additional costs, a separate shelter, or power cable.”

Further, the enclosures for the Triol AT27 work in most of the climate zones and industrial environments. The company takes pride in being the only medium voltage VFD manufacturer globally with NEMA4 and NEMA4X enclosures that do not require additional shelter. The outdoor models of Triol AT27—RX, MV, and DD lines—do not require any extra costs to ensure protection against environmental conditions. For example, businesses generally need to invest at least $10,000 for a shelter with an area of at least 17 square meters, plus a climate control system to install a 2500kW 6kV variable frequency drive that lacks the capability to tolerate extreme environmental conditions. Unlike most of its competitors who use steplap technology, Triol leverages UNICORE technology that reduces the excitation current of transformers by three times. The product has the capability to control the electromagnetic and thermal parameters of the transformer.

As such, it can optimize transformer dimensions and power rating. In addition to the implementation of medium-voltage variable frequency drives, Triol Corporation also offers the necessary equipment to facilitate the process of integrating AT27 at the operation site. They supply a line of specialized switching cabinets, Triol СВ27, that relieves clients from the quandary of searching for switchboards for connection AT27 to the grid. Subsequently, the product is transformed from a variable frequency drive to a customized set of equipment that can address the diverse needs of end-users. To take customization to the next level, Triol Corporation has designed UMKA37 by combining a PLC with an integrated touch screen. This allows clients to modify the user interface in line with the type of mechanism—leading to 100 percent control of mechanism parameters through the design of effective process control.

Our focus on R&D has enabled us to deliver high-quality products at best prices and quickly customize those according to client requirements.

As a result, users don’t need to spend days identify the reason for the pump shutdown. UMKA37 enables to quickly solve the issue and bring daily operations back on track. More importantly, Triol Corporation focuses on the durability and reliability of the product. AT27 power cells use film (polypropylene) capacitors with more than 100,000 hours of the mean time between failures (MTBF).

The long average time between failures reduces downtime and VFD cost of ownership. And even in spite of the high reliability of the power cells, Triol does not stop at ways to increase the reliability of the AT27 to guarantee a non-stop technological process. Each power cell can be equipped with a fast bypass device. Our patented HOpCoDTM technology with response times of up to 4ms prevents the mechanism from sensing a potential failure in the power cell and provides the ability to schedule a process shutdown for equipment maintenance. No panic, stress, or loss!

Another problem that often occurs in the operation of medium-voltage frequency drives is a weak and unstable grid with frequent interruptions and voltage sags. The basic function of AT27 “kinetic buffering” eliminates short-term deep voltage sags and even complete loss of grid voltage. This is an excellent solution for remote enterprises and low-power local power supply grids (including when powered by diesel generators).

Another essential product in the Triol product line is Linear Electrical Submersible Pump (LESP) Triol EP01. It has been specifically designed to help increase oil production in the most profitable way—by reducing energy consumption. EP01 comprises different units, including a Variable Speed Drive (VSD), Linear permanent magnet motor (LPMM) with a downhole sensor module, Submersible plunger pump (SPP), and built-in gravity gas separator. That’s why it can optimize oil production even from unconventional wells (inclined and curved wells).

Backed by the prowess of many such instances of client success, Triol Corporation always strives to explore new avenues of growth. In the days to come, the company will launch new products and bring a high-powered digital assistant to help businesses manage critical information seamlessly.